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Feb 15th protest at DailIt is essential that the drugs issue is kept on the political agenda to ensure that the necessary commitment and resources are made available to tackle the problem. Listed below are some of the issues that Citywide has campaigned on:

Human Rights & Stigma


Untold Stories Project 2023 - 2024   releasing 

releasingThe Citizens' Assembly on drugs use (2023) considered how Ireland should respond to the issue of drugs, at a time when there is general agreement that our existing approach is not working. As a society, we are adding to the burden of our policy failures on key social and economic issues with an approach to drugs that increases blame, shame, stigma and criminalisation. 


Stop the Stigma. Addiction is a health issue, not a crime. (Feb 2018) stop the stigma
Stigma experienced by people who use drugs prevents many from seeking help and support, making it extremely difficult for people to move beyond their addiction and pushing them into further isolation and danger, according to research underpinning Ireland’s first campaign to address drug related stigma.This Citywide campaign aims to break down stigma, to shift attitudes and to move towards a situation where people who use drugs are treated with respect and dignity.
End Compulsory Urine Testing in Methadone Services Jan 2016: Citywide is supporting the Service User Rights in Action Group demand that compulsory (non-court ordered) and routine urine testing in methadone services is ended without any further delay. More information on this campaign

Formal Complaint - Irish Independent March 2011: Citywide, the Irish Needle Exchange Forum & the International Harm Reduction Association on behalf of more than thirty Irish drug service providers and professionals lodged a joint complaint to the Office of the Press Ombudsman against the Irish Independent, and the column "Sterilising junkies may seem harsh, but it does make sense" by Ian O' Doherty (18 February 2011). In June 2011, the Press Ombudsman upheld our complaint- read the decision here

Citywide demands Lord Mayor to clarify outrageous comments Sept 2010: Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign has demanded that Dublin's Lord Mayor, Cllr. Gerry Breen, clarifies the outrageous article in yesterday's Sunday Independent.


Decriminalisation of Drug Use

Citizens' Assembly on Drug Use 2023 - 24.  See Citizens' Assembly section here for our inputs and responses to the CA on Drug Use:  

Updated FAQ on Decriminalisation of Drug Use.  Dec 2022  This document aims to answer the most commonly asked questions in relation to decriminalisation of drug use.

Citywide urges public to support decriminalisation of drugs for personal use June 2018: CityWide Drugs Crisis Campaign today urged members of the public to show their support for the decriminalisation of people in possession of drugs for personal use by making submissions to the Department of Health’s Working Group on Alternative Approaches to possession of drugs for personal use.

Citywide launches FAQ on Decriminalisation of Drug use June 2018: This document aims to answer the most commonly asked questions in relation to decriminalisation for personal possession or use of illicit drugs

Decriminalisation Evidence Base Jan 2018: Citywide developed a website section to present the evidence on the impacts of current policies around the world on criminalisationand decriminalisation.

Citywide Red C survey Oct 2016: Half of Irish adults support a policy of decriminalising the possession of drugs for personal use, according to the survey carried out by Red C for Citywide, Drugs Crisis Campaign


Citywide submission to the Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality. Dec 2015:Altering the present approach to sanctions for the possession of drugs for personal use’.

Join the national debate on decriminalisation of drug use… .Dec 2015: Citywide has contacted TDs & Senators to ask them to join the debate on decriminalisation

Decriminalisation: A New Direction for Drugs Policy? November 2013: Citywide launched information leaflet: 'Decriminalisation: A New Direction for Drugs Policy?' Recent public debate has shown a widespread confusion about the difference between decriminalisation and legalisation of drugs. The purpose of the leaflet is to clarify this distinction and to support a debate in Ireland on these issues that is based on the best available evidence and experience from other countries

Citywide Conference Report - Criminalising Addiction: Is There Another Way? May 2013: Citywide held a conference entitled ‘Criminalising Addiction: Is There Another Way?’ in May 2013 to discuss the impacts of current drugs policies in Ireland and to explore alternative policies


Supporting community drugs services

Barriers or Bridges? Drug Rehabilitation Projects – the Road to Recovery February 2014: Changes to entitlements for certain social welfare payments have resulted in a reduction in the numbers of people coming forward to Drug Rehabilitation CE Projects (DRPs).Citywide undertook consultation with the DRPs about the impacts of these changes

Supporting Drug Rehab Projects February 2014: These short, powerful videos include interviews with DRP project participants and projects leaders. In the first video the contributors speak of how Drug Rehabilitation Projects provide Lifelines and Value to participants. The second video covers the support DRPs offer and the opportunities for a future for participants.

Citywide Campaign videos May 2014: Citywide produced these short videos to highlight the key issues raised at the Community Campaign meeting held in October 2013

Drugs - Can we take anymore? October 2013: Citywide campaign meeting - People in local communities most affected by drugs want to have a strong voice again and want to be heard. The most popular television show at the moment, Love/Hate, shows the impact that drugs is having on individuals and communities. Yet, despite the popularity of the show, official Ireland does not show any interest in addressing what is really going on.


National Drugs Strategy

Briefing for Public Representatives in the 33rd Dáil. March 2020:  This document provides information on current drug trends and sets out the issues impacting communities.

fulltime Minister8 Key Issues for the National Drugs Strategy. April 2018 Citywide briefing document for Public Representatives sets out 8 key issues identified by our networks as immediate priorities for action

Citywide calls for confirmation of appointment of Minister for Drugs March 2015: Citywide welcomes the comments of an Taoiseach Enda Kenny that he is giving consideration to appointing a Junior Minister with responsibility for the National Drugs Strategy and calls on him to confirm an appointment as a matter of urgency.

Where is the Minister for Drugs? March 2010: Citywide has called on the Taoiseach to explain how the "National Drugs Strategy can now be implemented without a Minister responsible for the strategy.

Budget only deepens drugs crisis Dec 2009: The governments cut of 11% in Drugs Task Force funding is a serious setback in the battle against the growing drugs crisis.

National Drugs Strategy totally undermined by government cuts Sept 2009: Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign have challenged the Taoiseach to explain how the, "National Drugs Strategy can be implemented while government policy calls for cuts of €2.6m to the same strategy."

National Meeting Endorses Campaign Strategy Jan 2009: Over 150 activists and community reps met in St Andrews Resource Centre in Pearse St, to agree a campaign of action to highlight the damage that is being done by the dismantling of the partnership process in the National Drugs Strategy

There is no recession in the drugs trade 2009: Campaign calling on the government to use the money from the Criminal Assets Bureau to fund drug services in our communities.

Publication cover - Citywide Poster election 2011Local & General Election

2024 Local Election: Questions for Candidates

2024 European Elections: Questions for Candidates

2020 General Election: Manifesto for General Election 2020

2016 General Election: In the lead up to the General Election 2016, Citywide contacted the all political parties and groupings to look for their Election Manifestos to prioritise policies to tackle Ireland’s drug problem. You can view the document here

2014 Local Election: Questions for Candidates

2014 European Elections:Questions for Candidates

2011 General Election: Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign launched a general election campaign aiming to put the drugs crisis back on the political agenda.

2007 General election: Questions for candidates in the General Election 2007

2004 Local elections: Questions for candidates in the Local Elections 2004

2002 General Election: Briefing paper for candidates in General Election

Publication cover - CityWide Demanding money with menace - drug related intimidation

Drug Debt Intimidation

Demanding money with menace - drug related intimidation Feb 2016: New research from Citywide shows over two-thirds of people experiencing drug-related intimidation do not report incidents to the Gardaí. Almost half of reported incidents of intimidation involved physical violence with one-third involving damage to home or property

Effects of Gangland Crime on Communities Dec 2014: Citywide made a submission to the Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality on the effects of gangland crime on communities

Report of the Citywide seminar on ‘Drug Related Intimidation in Communities’. April 2013 There were over 80 participants at this seminar and time was given to discuss experiences of intimidation in communities and projects; the feedback from these discussions is included in the report