Where is the Minister for Drugs?

24 Mar 2010

Citywide has called on the Taoiseach to explain how the "National Drugs Strategy can now be implemented without a Minister responsible for the strategy."

Citywide Co-ordinator Daithi Doolan said "The situation has gone from bad to worse, before the reshuffle we had a part time junior minister now we have no minister at all. It beggars believe that the Taoiseach has abandoned the National Drug Strategy at a time when communities are struggling against the ongoing drug crisis, criminal drug gangs and now the issues presented by headshops. Most progress was made in tackling the drug crisis when there was a fulltime minister responsible for the National Drugs Strategy with real partnership in place through the National Drug Strategy Team. This unique structure ensured real partnership was possible, allowing communities to have access not just to a Minister but ultimately to the Taoiseach
Doolan explained, "What we need now more than ever is partnership with communities, adequate resources and the political will to ensure the strategy is fully implemented. This cabinet reshuffle offers little hope. Citywide calls for the National Drugs Strategy, including alcohol, to be put back on the political agenda."

In conclusion Doolan demanded that An Taoiseach, "Reinstate a Minister with sole responsibility for the National Drug Strategy."