Citywide Formal Complaint to Press Ombudsman

18 Mar 2011

Citywide, the Irish Needle Exchange Forum & the International Harm Reduction Association on behalf of more than thirty Irish drug service providers and professionals lodged a joint complaint to the Office of the Press Ombudsman against the Irish Independent, and the column "Sterilising junkies may seem harsh, but it does make sense" by Ian O'Doherty (18 February 2011 ). We believe the offending piece to be in violation of Principles 1.1 and 8 of the Code of Practice for Newspapers and Magazines

Our organisations work with, and provide services for people who use drugs, their friends and families, as well as advice on drugs to government and community stakeholders. As organisations that work to battle the stigma and discrimination affecting people who use drugs, we were alarmed by Mr. O'Doherty's column, and believe that the Irish Independent bears ultimate responsibility for publishing its hateful content. Read the letter of complaint here