General Election 2016 – Tackling Ireland’s Drug Problem

1 Feb 2016

In the lead up to the General Election 2016, Citywide contacted the all political parties and groupings to look for their Election Manifestos to prioritise policies to tackle Ireland’s drug problem.  You can view the document here 

We have a few suggested questions for candidates calling to your doors looking for your votes!

Questions for Candidates

 1.   Will you support the immediate appointment of a Minister for Drugs?

We need strong Political Leadership, a Junior Minister with a designated budget and full support of the Cabinet in holding all agencies and departments to account for implementation of the NDS.

 2.   Will you support the immediate allocation of an Emerging Needs Fund?

We are calling for the immediate allocation of an Emerging Needs Fund to support the delivery of drug services that can respond to the current service gaps in our local communities. 

 3.   We will you commit to supporting the work of Drugs Task Forces?

We need to support the work of Drugs Task Forces by ensuring strong pro-active community representation and by making statutory engagement obligatory.

 4.   Will you commit to decriminalising drug use?

We need to support an open, honest and rational debate on decriminalisation and to implement the recommendation from the Oireachtas Justice Committee to remove criminal sanctions for possession of drugs for personal use.