2013 Drugs - Can we take anymore? Report of the campaign meeting organised by Citywide on October 23rd 2013

2013 Drugs - Can we take anymore?



People in local communities most affected by drugs want to have a strong voice again and want to be heard. The most popular television show at the moment, Love/Hate, shows the impact that drugs is having on individuals and communities. Yet, despite the popularity of the show, official Ireland does not show any interest in addressing what is really going on.  

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The question we asked was “Drugs – Can we take any more?” and the answer we got was no, we can’t take anymore.

It is frustrating for communities to have to keep talking about how difficult things are but it is essential for us to keep gathering the information and to make our voices heard, even when we are not being listened to.

Presentations from Anna Quigley, Citywide, Tony Geoghegan, voluntary sector network & Brian Harvey, independent social researcher are included. Also included is the report from the workshops.