National Oversight Committee (NOC)

National Oversight Committee has a cross-sector membership from the statutory, community and voluntary sector, as well as clinical and academic expertise. Representation from the statutory sector will be at the level of Assistant Secretary.

Terms of reference

The National Oversight Committee will have the following terms of reference:

  •  To give leadership, direction, prioritisation and mobilisation of resources to support the implementation of the strategy;
  •  To measure performance in order to strengthen the delivery of drugs initiatives and to improve the impact on the drug problem;
  •  To monitor the drugs situation and oversee the implementation of a prioritised programme of research to address gaps in knowledge;
  •  To ensure that the lessons drawn from evidence and good practice inform the development of policy and initiatives to address the drug problem; and
  •  To convene Sub-Committees, as required, to support implementation of the strategy.

Operational Procedures

The National Oversight Committee will develop a prioritised work programme to support the implementation of the strategy. The Committee will establish Sub-Committees, as it sees fit, to address specific issues and to harness relevant expertise to enable it to deliver on its key functions. Such committees will be required to report to the National Committee.