Citywide Publications

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  1. The Case for a Citizens' Assembly The Case for a Citizens' Assembly
  2. Learning from 25 years of working to implement partnership 2021:Twenty Five years of Irish Drug Policy –Looking Back to Look Forward
  3. Citizens Assembly  presentation Orla O'Connor NWCI2021 Citizens Assembly presentation Orla O'Connor NWCI
  4. CityWide Anti-Stigma Training Report Final2021 CityWide Anti-Stigma Training Report
  5. Annual Report 2020 web2020 Citywide Annual Report
  6. 2020 Community Drug Projects Report Final2020 Community Drug Projects: Responding to drug-related harms from a community development approach
  7. Safety in Numbers Tool2020 Community Crime Impact Assessment (CCIA) TOOLIncluding Preparatory Report Template
  8. Safety in Numbers Exec Summary2020 Safety in Numbers Executive Summary
  9. Safety in Numbers Report Web2020 Safety in Numbers Full Report An Evaluation of Community Crime Impact Assessment (CCIA) Pilot Projects
  10. COVID19 Impact on Addiction CW2020 April COVID -19 Impact on Addiction