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  1. Rural Experience Drugs 2021 Rural Experience Drugs & the Drug Trade
  2. Resource document on community engagementResource document on community engagement2021 Resource document on community engement
  3. csfd-qualitystandardsincsinvolvementindrugpolicy-a4-final02 (1)Quality Standards for Civil Society Involvement in Drug Policy.
  4. CityWide Anti-Stigma Training Report Final2021 CityWide Anti-Stigma Training Report
  5. EU Drugs Strategy 2021-25 pdfEU Drugs Strategy 2021-25 pdf
  6. EU Agenda and Action Plan on Drugs 2021-2025EU Agenda and Action Plan on Drugs 2021-2025
  7. Annual Report 2020 web2020 Citywide Annual Report
  8. RHSR Mid Term Review Citywide March 2021 RHSR Mid Term Review Citywide March 2021
  9. Presentation Street Tablets Trendspotter Study co-authors Tony Duffin Marcus Keane and Sean Millar v2 (002)2020 Street Tablets Trendspotter Study Presentation ALDP
  10. Catherine Comiskey CityWide Presentation November 20202020 Nov Catherine Comiskey Presentation