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  1. Finglas/Cabra Local Drugs Task Force Report: Developing Drug and Service User Forums Issued 22 May 2007
  2. EMCDDA literature review - Treatment of problem cocaine use Issued 22 May 2007
  3. BeLonGto Youth Project: new research on drug Use amongst LGBT young adults in Ireland Issued 9 May 2007
  4. New Employer Resource Bureau for the Community Sector Launched Issued 17 Apr 2007
  5. Still Leaving - a summary Issued 13 Apr 2007
  6. Citywide has moved... Issued 11 Apr 2007
  7. NACD: The Experiences of Families Seeking Support in Coping with Heroin Use Issued 10 Apr 2007
  8. Drug Related Deaths and Strategies for Prevention - report from the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) Issued 26 Mar 2007
  9. NACD: Drug Use in Ireland and Northern Ireland: 2002/2003 Drug Prevalence Survey: Sedatives, Tranquillisers or Anti-Depressants Results: Issued 23 Mar 2007
  10. NACD: Drug Use in Ireland and Northern Ireland: Prevalence Survey: Polydrug Use results: Issued 23 Mar 2007
  11. Directory of Courses and Training Programmes on Drug Misuse in Ireland 2007 Issued 14 Mar 2007
  12. An Overview of Cocaine Use in Ireland II Issued 13 Mar 2007
  13. Campaign to highlight drugs issues in the 2007 General Election Issued 19 Dec 2006
  14. The number of injecting drug users with HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C is higher now than in early nineties according to a new report from the Health Research Board (HRB) Issued 13 Nov 2006
  15. New study shows vulnerability of Traveller community to problem drug use. Issued 13 Nov 2006
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