An open letter to the Taoiseach

16 Jul 2019

Over 50 Community Drugs projects, Task Force Community Reps, Family Support & Service User  groups have signed a letter calling for the Taoiseach to lead the government in accepting proposals for referral to health and support services and to draft the legislation needed to remove the criminal status of possession of drugs for personal use.

The Working Group on Alternative Approaches to criminalisation for possession of drugs for personal use have completed their report and a memo based on the recommendations of this report will shortly be brought to the Government.  We are concerned at the indications that, while it will recommend a system for diversion to health services, which is very welcome, it will also recommend maintaining the criminal status) of possession of drugs for personal use.   We know the huge impact having a criminal record can have on a person’s life; it compounds the stigma experienced by people who use drugs and can negatively impact employment opportunities, training & education, future travel etc.


You can read the letter here