8 Key Issues for the National Drugs Strategy

18 Apr 2018

Citywide briefing document for Public Representatives sets out 8 key issues identified by our networks as immediate priorities for action

  1. Allocate an emerging needs fund to support the work of local Community Drug Projects across the country to respond to current and emerging service gaps
  2. Pass the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill without any further delay  
  3. Give a mandate to each Local and Regional Drugs and Alcohol Task Force to develop a three-year action plan that sets out how the 50 NDS actions will be implemented in their area
  4. Appoint a senior official from the Taoiseach’s Department to ensure direct accountability of all agencies for their active participation in implementing the new NDS
  5. Put in place a Community Development Programme to support the real and meaningful community participation in the NDS
  6. Appoint Citywide as members of the Working Group on Alternative Approaches to possession of drugs for personal use, based on its track record of leading out ion this issue     
  7. Use a partnership approach to the design and development of the new scheme proposed for young people and involve young people from the target group directly in the partnership    
  8. As a matter of urgency bring together all the relevant stakeholders to develop an action plan on drug-related intimidation

Download the full document here