Drug use in Ireland


  •  The Drugs Market in 2013 was valued at €600 million1
  •  679 people died from drugs in 20132
  • It is estimated that there are over 20,000 Opiate users in Ireland 
  •  6.8% of the adult population (aged 15–64) have tried cocaine at least once.


Key Irish Data

The HRB National Drugs Library  has added a new resource to their website to provide Key Irish Data in relation to Drug & Alcohol use.  To access the information click on this link, select the data you are interested in and then click on the PDF link/symbol

The following information is available:

1. Annual reports

 These reports are an overview of new developments and trends in the drugs area in Ireland.

 2. Specific drugs factsheets

These factsheets contain information on treatment, prevalence, mortality and crime in Ireland for these drugs: Opiate, Cocaine, Sedatives and Tranquillisers and Cannabis 

 3. Policy documents

Irish & EU Drug, alcohol and tobacco policy documents

 4. Prevalence figures

Surveys of the general population to estimate the number of people in Ireland who use drugs and alcohol   

 5. Treatment figures

Figures for the treatment of  alcohol and drug use (there is also a facility on the website where you can search for treatment data* on eight different types of drug, including alcohol. The results of your analysis can be organised by year, age group, gender and geographical region of residence, and groups of variables you are registered). *You must be registered with the NRB National Drugs Library to use this facility – click here to register

 6. Drug Related Deaths

The National Drug-Related Deaths Index (NDRDI) is a database of cases of death by drug and alcohol poisoning, and deaths among drug users and people who are alcohol dependent.


1 Drug market figures are calculated using Garda seizure figures for 2013 and the UNODC multiplier method for interception rates

 2. National Drug-Related Deaths Index for 2013




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