CityWide brings together a network of people from community groups and organisations to discuss a range of issues concerned with people experiencing imprisonment.

These issues are brought to the Prison Liaison Group which is set up under the National Drugs Strategy 2001-2008 to facilitate and develop better communication and partnership between those working within the prison and the community/voluntary groups outside the prison. The long-term aim is to have an effective through-care system, where people can move between prison services and community/voluntary services on a planned basis.


CityWide has produced a Directory of Community Drugs Projects working with individuals within Irish Prisons and Post Release Services. This directory will facilitate and support the development of prison/community links by providing up-to date and accurate information on where community projects are located, what specific services they provide, how these services can be accessed and their contact details.

Publication cover - Citywide Prison DirectoryCover image for citywidedirectoryversion5webversonintrorevised1.pdfDownload the Prisons Directory here

More Information

For further details on prison related issues contact Citywide

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