CityWide works in the following ways

 1. Facilitating Networks

CityWide facilitates networks through which local communities can develop a co-ordinated response to issues of drug policy and services. Current networks:

  • Community Reps on the Local & Regional Drugs Task Forces
  • Special Community Employment (CE) Rehab Projects
  • Local Community Drug Projects
  • Citywide Prison Working Group

The networks section of website provides details on all of the networks that we facilitate.

 2. Responding to Issues

CityWide brings people together to look at both current and ongoing issues through organising information sessions, seminars, conferences, working groups etc.  An example of an ongoing issue is the criminalisation of  people for using drugs; Citywide held a conference on this issue, produced an information leaflet and continues to work with other groups to push for a change in policy.  Citywide responds to particular issues of concern as they arise for communities through carrying out research and developing policy responses. Examples of submissions in recent years include: The Review of the Methadone Treatment Protocol, the Rehab Report and NDRIC, the National Drugs Strategy and the National Substance Misuse Strategy

 3. Campaigning and Lobbying

It is essential that the drugs issue is kept on the political agenda to ensure that the necessary commitment and resources are made available to tackle the problem. It is part of CityWide's role to lobby and campaign on an ongoing basis and this is done in a number of ways

  • through contact with Ministers, politicians, statutory agencies;
  • representation on policy committees;
  • special events such as marches, exhibitions, conferences
  • ongoing contact with the media.

You can view current and past campaigns in the Campaigns section of our website.

 4. Representing Communities

CityWide carries out a representative role on a number of networks, national committees and advisory bodies. We aim to represent the views and experiences of the community sector, based on information gathered through our networks. You can find more information about our representative role here.

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